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Dan Moxon - All My Friends LP

Dan Moxon - All My Friends LP

Dan Moxon is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter pianist who is most well-known for fronting the rock band BEND SINISTER. In 2019, Moxon released his debut solo album, “Lounge Singer” and was met with critical acclaim. Moxon also released the standalone single “Take The Good With The Bad”, which was featured on the Netflix hit show Grace & Frankie. With a love of classic rock, soul and Motown, Moxon’s music pulls from his various influences as he takes his own spin on many different styles.

“Dan Moxon croons smooth pop on an album that features high-calibre songwriting and pristine production.” – The Vancouver Sun

Moxon’s second solo album was released October 21, 2022 via Cordova Bay Records.

Moxon says “I am super happy with how the album turned out and was able to work with loads of talented local musicians and the amazing late engineer Olivia Quan. Writing this album, right before the pandemic, I was struggling with the idea of leaving behind my youth and my 40s being just around the corner. I joked that every time I tried to get a friend to come to a show or meet up, they always had an excuse, too much work, or couldn’t leave the kids at home and it became quite annoying. Jump to recording the album three years later in 2022, and now I had a newborn baby girl at home, a labradoodle puppy, a new house, and all of a sudden I was the one who wasn’t going out anymore.”